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"Real-time, professional grade, in-picture 3D measurement"


State-of-the-art laser distance & 3D measurement technology

LEICA 3d Disto

Automated 3D distance measurement & layout


Precise & durable interior dot & line lasers

Leica BLK3D Desktop Software


"Real-time, in-picture 3D measurement"

  • Capture 3D measurable images

  • Use the integrated Laser EDM to add highly accurate measurements to 3D images, or to take standalone measurements

  • Create floor plans and attach measurable images to them

  • Share images and measurements in multiple formats

  • Cyclone FIELD 360 app on-board

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Leica BLK3D Handheld 3D Measurement Tool

Leica BLK3D

Here's what Leica says about the BLK3D:

"Capture site conditions and field data with ease. Simply take a photo of buildings, structures, or objects you need to measure with the BLK3D.

  • The BLK3D combines traditional methods of documenting site conditions into a digital, simple-to-use device that’s faster, easier, more collaborative, and much more detailed than traditional measuring and field data documentation.

  • Get all the measurements you need by simply taking a photo of buildings, structures, or objects you need to measure with the BLK3D.

  • Share images that contain 3D measurements and dimensions to anyone on your team straight from the BLK3D or your computer.

How the BLK3D Works

  • Take a photo of what you need to measure with the BLK3D’s calibrated offset stereo cameras.

  • The dimensional information and text annotations are captured directly within the image and you can view and share the image and data right away.

  • The meta data included in every BLK3D image is automatically archived in a PDF report and includes the exact GPS location, address, date and time of capture.

  • The BLK3D runs Android OS and can connect to numerous industry apps.

  • You can also control a Leica laser scanner and add images and annotations to scans by using the Cyclone FIELD 360 app on-board the BLK3D."

Leica DISTO X4

Here's what Leica says about the Disto X4:


Designed for bright, outdoor environments

Outdoor Measuring

The Pointfinder camera allows you to precisely target and measure distant objects in bright sunlight. The target object shows clearly on the DISTO’s high-resolution screen.

Point to Point Measurement

Transform your DISTOTM X4 into a real measurement station with the DST 360. It allows you to measure distances between any two points, from one position.

Quality Feel

The all-new DISTOTM X4 only uses the best quality materials to ensure consistent measurement results in different environments. A precision product you can trust.

Horizontal Measurements

Distance and tilt measurements allow you to determine horizontal distances with absolute precision. Use your laser measurement data to automatically generate realistic and scaled floor plans."

Leica DISTO X3

Here's what Leica says about the Disto X3:


Rugged design for tough conditions

Construction Site Proof

The Leica DISTOTM X3 is perfect for tough construction site conditions. It is drop-tested up to 2 m in height, water jet and dust protected to IP 65 standards.

Point to Point Measurement

The Leica DST 360 transforms your hand-held laser device into a measurement station. It allows you to measure distances between any two points from one position.


Easy to use buttons and functions make working with the DISTOTM X3 fast and intuitive."

Leica DISTO D810 Touch

Here's what Leica says about the Disto D810 Touch:

"The Leica DISTO™ D810 Touch is a 15 measurement mode LDM accurate to 1/16th of an inch. It features a touch screen UI,  integrated digital camera, a tilt sensor, and Bluetooth Smart.

The D810's exclusive Measure in Picture (MIP) technology can determine the height, width, area, diameter, or circumference of an object in a picture taken by the D810.  Bracket your target using pointers on the touch screen to remotely measure the width of a second story window, the area of a billboard, or the diameter of an above-ground tank.

With a 600'-plus range, the D810 Touch can acquire a target that is well beyond your eye's ability to see the laser point, especially outside. The point finder -- a 4x zoom digital camera with cross hairs on the LCD display -- solves this problem.

The farther you can shoot, the more obstacles there are to get in the way. Smart Horizontal allows you to shoot over obstacles so you can measure the level horizontal distance to your target."

Leica DISTO S910

Here's what Leica says about the Disto S910:

"The Leica DISTO S910 is the first laser distance measurer that captures multiple, accurate measurements in three dimensions from a single location, radically improving the efficiency of common measuring tasks.

SmartBase for the DISTO S910

Smart Base -- a biaxial pivot integrated with the circuit board -- is the key hardware innovation. Combined with a more powerful laser, a 360° tilt sensor, and new software -- SmartBase enables you to stand back from your target to measure the distances and angles between multiple points.

SmartBase facilitates three new remote measurement  functions:

  • Point to Point (P2P): Measure the tie distance between two points, even if you are hundreds of feet from your target. Shoot Point 1 then Point 2 and the DISTO S910 displays the distance between them. Widths, heights, diagonals, gaps, it doesn't matter: Just measure the start and end point and the distance is displayed.

  • Smart Area: Shoot the corners of any polygon to determine the area of walls, floors, even complex roof shapes.

  • Smart Angle: Shoot three points to measure any angle (including outside angles, which is a first).

Capture and Export Measurement Data

The Leica DISTO S910 connects to compatible mobile apps with Bluetooth and exports DXF files over WiFi."

Leica DISTO E7500i

Here's what Leica says about the Disto E7500i:

"The Leica DISTO™ E7500i is a 14 measurement mode LDM that is accurate to 1/16th of an inch. It is IP65 rated against dust, dirt and rain and features a point finder, a bright LCD screen, a 360° tilt sensor, and Bluetooth Smart.

The E7500i laser module can read a target at distances that exceed your ability to see the laser point. With the point finder  -- a 4x zoom digital camera -- you find your target in the display, extending the useable range to the ~650ft max.

The farther you can shoot, the more potential there is for something to get in the way. Smart Horizontal allows you to shoot over obstacles so you can measure the level horizontal distance to your target."

Leica DISTO D2

Here's what Leica says about the Disto D2:

"Now with Bluetooth®, a fully integrated intelligent endpiece, a bright white display and an ISO certified measuring engine that drives 1/16" accuracy and 330 foot measuring range.

The Leica DISTO™ D2 is a 7 measurement mode LDM accurate to 1/16 of an inch. It features an intuitive back-lit LCD display in a 4oz package that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Use Bluetooth® to send measurements into apps running on mobile devices.

The D2 measures from its base by default and can be configured to measure from the front.

Flip out the intelligent endpiece to 90º to hook onto outside corners or extend the endpiece fully for inside corners. The D2 will automatically measure from the end of its flip-out endpiece when fully extended. Combined with the Min/Max function, the endpiece allows you to get the tool all the way into corners for accurate diagonal measurements as shown in this Intelligent Endpiece video.

The D2 calculates area and volume, and remembers the last 10 measurements taken. Use the Add/Subtract capability to combine measurements to get a precise reading of the total wall area of a room (aka "the painter function")."

Leica DISTO E7100i

Here's what Leica says about the Disto E7100i:


  • Bluetooth Compatible

  • Weighs about the same as a deck of cards

  • Makes accurately measuring square footage a breeze

The Leica DISTO™ E7100i is a 3 measurement mode LDM with a 200' range that is accurate to 1/16 of an inch. Its small, weighing in at 3 1/4 ounces with batteries, very easy to use, and the E7100i sends measurements via Bluetooth making it -- by far -- the least expensive Bluetooth LDM available.

The ability to send distance and area measurements to mobile apps as you take them makes the E7100i the ideal tool for generating estimates, or inputting accurate interior measurements into modeling software on-site."

3D Disto


Leica 3D DISTO 3D Measurement Tool

Leica 3D DISTO

Here's what Leica says about the 3D Disto:

"The Leica Geosystems 3D DISTO is a unique tool for capturing and projecting accurate three dimensional measurements. The speed and precision of the 3D DISTO brings unprecedented efficiency to applications like:

  • Creating CAD templates: CNC is only good as your file. A 3D DISTO is the bridge between reality and CAD.   When you are cutting to fit and you know your original measurements are accurate, you can cut even the most expensive materials with confidence.

  • 3D Visualization and Navigation: The upgraded Leica 3D DISTO Software for smart devices using Windows® now displays results in three dimensions. With the 3D navigation, it is even easier to check measured points.

  • Capturing As-Built Measurements: The best way to eliminate surprises later in the job is to know what you are starting with.  The 3D DISTO accurately captures 3D coordinates with the precision you need for planning. If your work involves expensive materials that are difficult to cut, transport or are processed off-site, you know accurate “as-built” measurements are critical.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) :  Take DXF data directly into your Windows tablet and use the 3D DISTO to layout anchor points, transfer heights or verify critical construction locations.

Measure once, cut once.

No matter what you are doing with a 3D DISTO, accuracy is paramount. Since form follows function, the 3D DISTO is a cross between a surveyor’s robotic total station and a handheld DISTO. 

Like a robotic total station, the 3D DISTO's horizontal and vertical turning axes are motorized -- get the laser point close to the right starting point manually, aim using the video feed by tapping your target on either the Control Unit tablet or a Windows tablet, then watch the 3D DISTO mico-adjust until the laser point is in the crosshairs.

The laser gets the glory, but to measure to 1mm accuracy @ 10m (±1/16” accuracy @ 33’) the 3D DISTO measures  horizontal angle, vertical angle and a slope distance with angle sensors borrowed from our total stations -- technology Leica Geosystems has been refining for over 90 years."



Leica Lino L6R & L6G

Here's what Leica says about the Lino L6R/L6G:

Ultra-strong lasers provide excellent visibility in all six directions combined with crisp and sharp lines over a long range.

  • Horizontal and two vertical 360° laser lines 

  • Best visibility due to Ultra-power laser diodes

  • Self-levelling over wide range

The Leica Lino L6R/L6G is a self-leveling multi line laser with 360° laser line projection for multi-directional alignment—perfect for indoor applications. The laser’s vertical lines are easily adjusted once the plumb point is set to ensure consistency in all your projects.

Easy Setup and Positioning

With self-leveling and plumb point rotation, laser alignment becomes a breeze.

Adjustable Laser Line Visibility

The strength of the laser lines is adjustable (100/75/50 percent). This not only makes the laser lines thinner, but also increases the operating time.

Triple-Power Concept

With the ability to power the Lino L6 series with alkaline batteries, Li-Ion power technology, or the AC power adapter, the L6 series has ultimate flexibility."

Leica Lino ML180

Here's what Leica says about the Lino ML180:

"The ML180 is a 90 degree cross line laser level. It has 4 laser lines, 4 cross points and a plumb down point that is conveniently set to the outside of the tool for easy access. The ML180 features electronic self leveling and remote adjustment of +/- 4 degrees using the laser receiver as a remote control.

Remote Adjustment

The XCR Catch laser receiver offers more functionality than a standard receiver for line lasers or for rotation lasers. The receiver beeps to indicate that you are close to or directly in line with the laser beam. The big difference here is that the XCR Catch operates like a remote control and automatically catches the beam with the Smart Targeting function. By holding down the right and left arrow buttons you can spin the ML180 on a horizontal axis of +/- 4 degrees.

Precise layouts at long distances

The electronic self-levelling automatically compensates for the tool being slightly out of level. This precision eleminates costly errors due to incorrect line projection, which is especially important at longer distances.

Battery Life

The Leica Lino ML 180 can be used with a rechargeable battery pack or alkaline batteries. This provides maximum flexibility and ensures that the Leica Lino ML180 is always ready for use. The tool can also be used while being charged.

Plumb dot positioning

Using the plumb dot, you can set up the Leica Lino over a desired point. The plumb beam is offset to the corner of the tool. So the Leica Lino ML180 can be quickly and easily set up over markings, including those close to walls."

Leica Lino L4P1

Here's what Leica says about the Lino L4P1:

"The Leica LINO L4P1 is an all-in-one 180° multi-line laser layout tool designed to handle jobs that have traditionally required both a line laser and a point laser.

The new base of this laser level is designed for fast setups. Just grab and spin the unit on its base to get close, then use the fine-tune knob to adjust the line or cross point for perfect placement.

Combined with an overhead plumb laser point, the intersections of the three 180° vertical laser lines with the horizontal laser line create a total of five layout points for easy alignment and quick height transfers from wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling.

The self-leveling pendulum ensures a level line. You know your line is out of level when it blinks. If the points are out of leveling range, they shut off. Once level, the line goes solid or the dot appears. Lock the pendulum to set out angled lines or to protect the mechanism when you aren't using it.

The L4P1 runs on both rechargable Li-Ion batteries -- good for up to 24 hours on a single charge -- as well as standard alkaline batteries.

As with all our laser levels, the L4P1 is IP54 rated dust-proof and splash protected.

The four cross line lasers make this the ultimate 90º layout tool, perfect for wood or steel stud construction, point transfer for electrical installations, interior finish work and various other trade applications."

Leica Lino L2P5 & L2P5G

Here's what Leica says about the Lino L2P5G/L2P5:

Cross Line and Point Laser

The Leica Lino L2P5G/L2P5 is a self-levelling cross-line and point laser. This Lino is ideal for alignment tasks such as tiling, drywalling, partitioning and electrical installations as well as plumb point projection, setting out or transferring measured points.

Green Laser (L2P5G only)

The Leica Lino L2P5G uses the best green laser technology and combines it with the functionalities of a cross line laser and a point laser. Its green laser beams and points are up to four times more visible to the human eye compared to red ones, which makes it the ideal tool for bright environments and large rooms.


The cross-line and point lasers of the Leica Lino L2P5G/L2P5 are always level once positioned. The tilt is automatically adjusted when within a ± 4° limit.

Working Range

The large glass optics of this multi-functional tool allow for perfect levelling and alignment over long distances. The working range is up to 35 meters with the L2P5G, or 25 meters with the L2P5, depending on the lighting conditions, and can easily be extended up to 80 meters using the laser receiver Leica RGR 200.

Magnetic Positioning

This two-in-one laser level has magnetic adapters which allow you to position the instrument quickly and with absolute precision. You can easily attach it within U-profiles, to edges, or any magnetic surfaces.

Construction Site Proof

The Leica Lino L2P5G/L2P5 has a rugged design and is dust and spray water protected to IP 54 standards. This makes it a great tool to speed up the workflow and increase productivity on today’s construction sites."

Leica Lino L2 & L2G

Here's what Leica says about the Lino L2G/L2:

Outstanding Laser Visibility

The high-precision optics of the Leica Lino L2/L2G ensure outstanding laser line visibility up to 25 meters with the Lino L2 and 35 meters with the Lino L2G, depending on lighting conditions. Its exceptionally long horizontal and vertical laser lines are projected to floors, walls and ceilings at more than 180 degrees.


The Leica Lino L2/L2G automatically adjusts its positioning if it is slightly out of level up to ± 4°. Outside this limit a visual alert is activated to prevent errors.

Magnetic Smart Adapter

Magnetic smart adapters allow you to quickly position your Lino L2/L2G with absolute precision. You can set up the rotatable adapter over edges and profiles, or attach it to iron pipes, tracks and bars.

Rugged Design

The Leica Lino L2/L2G is dust and spray water protected to IP 54 standards. This makes it a rugged instrument suitable for all your jobs."

Leica Lino P5

Here's what Leica says about the Lino P5:

"Leica Lino P5

Precise laser projection, right to the point.

One Button Operation

The Leica Lino P5 point laser is very easy to use. At the push of a button, it accurately projects five reference points at exact right angles to one another.

Quick Positioning

Magnetic smart adapters allow you to quickly attach your Leica Lino P5 to edges, profiles, iron pipes, tracks or bars, allowing you to complete your job faster.


The Leica Lino P5 automatically adjusts its positioning if it is slightly out of level to ensure the correct transfer of angles and reference points up to ± 4°. Flashing laser points mean that the tilt is outside this limit.

Triple Power Concept

The Leica Lino P5 laser has a triple power concept. It comes with Alkaline batteries but it can be operated with the addition of a Li-Ion battery pack, too.

Rugged Design

The Leica Lino P5 is dust and spray water protected to IP 54 standards. This makes it a tough instrument suitable for all your jobs."

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