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Professional High Quality

Leica BLK

Autonomous Reality Capture

Fully-integrated autonomous LiDAR UAV

Autonomous reality capture module for robotic carriers

Safe and efficient scanning of complex, hazardous, and inaccessible areas

Automatic data upload to HxDR

360° vertical / 270° horizontal FOV

420,000 pts/sec | 0.5m - 25m scan range

Leica LOC8, theft deterrence & location for total stations

Leica LOC8

Lock & Locate

  • Remote Locking

  • Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

  • Multiple Geo Fences With Alarm

  • Up to 365 Days of Travel History

  • Flight Mode Capable

  • Available for Select Leica Total Station Models (year 2020 or later)

Need Financing?

See Leica's Financing Program!

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